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Want more charging stations near you?
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Refer a company or your friends and earn a $25 Amazon gift card.

Fill out the information below and we will contact your suggested location for EVoCharge Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

The good news! If your suggested location purchases an EVoCharge Electric Vehicle Charging Station, then you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

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*EVoCharge Referral Program Disclaimer

EVoCharge to assess when the $25 Amazon gift card is distributed based on a legitimate referral. For example, a referral is considered legitimate if it has:

a) A form is submitted with full address of the property (and the property manager’s/contact’s name) that you are suggesting for a charging station installation.
b) The location completes a purchase order for a minimum of one charging station within the entry period of the Referral Program.

Once the stations are shipped, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card by email.

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