EVoCharge Products

EVoReel Charging Station

  • SAE J1772 AC Level 2
  • 208/240VAC, 30A Rated
  • 7.20 kW Max Power Output
  • Retractable Reel for Cable Management
  • Up to 30ft Charge Cable Length
  • Simple EVSE Activation Options:
  • Standard: No Activation Required
  • Optional: RFID Enabled and OCPP Network Connectivity for Access Control and Optional Payment Feature
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated (NEMA 3R)
  • Flexible Mounting Options:
  • Wall, Ceiling, Pedestal

Pedestal Mount – EVoReel Charging Station

  • Single and Dual Mount Charging Stations Available
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Anchors securely into Concrete


  • EVoReel SAE J1772 Cable Reel
  • Made in the USA! 
  • Provides existing EVSE’s with
  • EVoReel Charge Cable Management
  • Self Retracting Cable Reel
  • 208/240VAC, 30A Continuous Rated
  • Up to 30ft Charge Cable Length
  • Indoor / Outdoor Rated (NEMA 3R)
  • Reel Color Options: Black or White
  • Flexible Mounting Options:
  • Wall, Ceiling, Pedestal

EVoReel with SAE J1772 Inlet Adaptor

  • No wiring required, simply plug your existing EVSE vehicle connector into the EVoReel J1772 inlet
  • Made in the USA! 
  • Provides existing EVSE’s with EVoReel Charge Cable Management


Why Charge using a Retractable Reel

The charging cable rewinds when not in use, keeping the cable off the floor and reducing tangled cords or trip hazards. Using an OSHA supported design that has proven durability in a wide range of industries, EVoCharge’s patent-pending EVoReel products use heavy-duty retractable electric cord reels engineered specifically for electric vehicle charging.




Value Added Benefits

Improves Convenience 

  Charging cable automatically rewinds when not in use

Improves Safety
  Automatically storing the charge cable reduces trip hazard or accidental roll-over of the vehicle connector
  OSHA supported cable management method

Improves Cleanliness  
    Eliminates dirty charge cable that may rest on the ground

Improves Efficiency
    Flexible mounting options enable your charge cable to be at your optimum location (wall, pedestal, ceiling, etc.)

    Cable length: Up to 30 feet

Reduces Cable and Connector Wear
    Charge cable and connector on retractable reel promotes improved life

Increases Productivity
    Eliminates tangled charge cables

Solutions for Existing EVSE Customers
    Simple installation options allow for connection to existing charging stations with no wiring required (hardwire options are also available)







Experience the benefits of Charge Cable Managment with EVoReel

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