30A EVoReel with J1772 Adapter


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  • Already have a Charging Station and would like the Benefits of the Self-Retracting EVoReel?  No Problem.  The EVoReel Adaptor Solution Includes the Self-Retracting EVoReel with an Adaptor used to provide an easy connection to your existing AC Level 1 or 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE) with a rating up to 240VAC / 30Amps.
  • Premium Charging Experience with Improved Safety, User-Convenience, Product Life, Charge Cable Cleanliness and Length –  Eliminates the need to manually wind and unwind the charge cable.  Charge cable automatically rewinds.  Reduces trip hazards and likelihood of connector and cable damage.  Eliminates charge cable from laying on ground.
  • Multiple Installation Settings to fit your exact application. 
  • EVoCharge is Focused on Promoting Regulation and Building Code Compliance related to Electric Vehicle Charge Cable Management –  Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and American Disability Act (ADA) regulations.
  • EVoReel products are Made in the USA and have a Steel Exterior which is designed to ensure a high-quality product and provides a Long Product Life.  Outdoor Rated.  Corrosion-Resistant Materials.
  • Product Image (3) provides a visual description of the Adaptor connected to a sample charging station.
  • Prior to check-out, please select the Interconnect Length that fits your installation setting.  Product image (2) provides a visual description of the Interconnect.  The Interconnect can be routed though the wall/ceiling based on your install setting.  Please send EVoCharge an email at sales@evocharge.com with any questions.
  • Product and installation may be eligible for Federal tax credits. Consult your tax professional for details and eligibility.
  • See Customer Review:  http://youtu.be/DchE0KCUNYw
  • Shipping: The EVoReel with J1772 Inlet Adaptor product ships via FedEx Ground, typically within 2 weeks of order placement. 

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