Industrial and Fleet Charging Station Applications

Fleet benefits:

If you use electric vehicles to move your business, the EVoReel is the perfect addition to your fleet resources.

▪ Advanced cable management system eliminates messy cords on the ground when not in use
▪ Convenient RFID key card acess (optional)
▪ Easy-to-use controls
▪ Engineered for quality and durability
▪ Outdoor Rated


Easy, convenient charging for electric vehicles. Designed with you in mind, the EVoReel charging stations include features electric vehicle owners and environmentally conscious businesses want most. All EVoReel products are engineered with high quality and proven designs to ensure trouble-free performance and long service life. EVoReel units are OSHA supported and include versatile mounting options. EVoCharge is currently the only company offering a compact and simple-to-install Level 2 retractable reel charging station.

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Why Charge using a Retractable Reel?

The charging cable rewinds when not in use, keeping the cable off the floor – no more tangled cords or trip hazards. Using an OSHA supported design that has proven durability in a wide range of industries, EVoCharge’s products use heavy-duty retractable electric cord reels engineered specifically for electric vehicle charging.

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