Everything you wanted to know about EVoCharge Products

EVoCharge EVSE

Yes, EVoCharge EVSE products are compatible with all EV and PHEVs sold in North America, including the Chevy Volt.

The warranty period on the EVoCharge EVSE is (2) years. 

The NEMA 6-50 plug offered as part of our products is 12 inches in length. This is the maximum length allowed by electrical standards (NEC and UL) for EV Charging Stations (EVSEs). You will find that all UL/ETL Listed EVSEs do not offer a NEMA 6-50 plug longer than 12 inches. This is primarily for safety reasons, to limit the amount of exposed cable which is not protected by the the Charge Circuit Interrupting Device (CCID) safety feature within the EVSE.
Also, the charging station is designed to be hardwired if a longer length cable is required. 

Yes, additional wall brackets and cordset holsters are available for purchase

Intelligent Charger

The dimensions of the EVoCharge EVSE (EV Charger) are as follows: 15 x 10.5 x 4.7 inches (H x W x D).

The 30A EVoCharge EVSE charge cord (cordset) which connects to the vehicle utilizes 10 AWG conductor size for the L1,L2,G conductors and the NEMA 6-50 plug that is included with the 30A EVoCharge EVSE utilizes 8 AWG conductor size for the L1,L2,G conductors. These are the conductor sizes required to allow for a 30A continuous rating by UL.

Yes, the EVoCharge EVSE is compatible with the Nissan Leaf.

Yes, the 30A EVoCharge EVSE is designed to stop the transfer of electricity as directed by the vehicle, such as when the vehicles battery reaches a full state of charge. Specific to when the the vehicle reaches a full state of charge, the 30A EVoCharge EVSE is designed to transition from a charging state (transfer of electricity to the vehicle battery) to a standby state (no transfer of electricity to the vehicle battery). 

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