Commercial Charging Station Applications

Green business is good business. Today more than ever before, consumers choose to do business with companies that embrace the green philosophy.


Even customers who do not drive electric vehicles appreciate a business with electric vehicle charging stations.


Green your business by adding sleek, easy-to-use EVoReel electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Your customers, visitors and employees will appreciate the ease, convenience, safety and security features of the EVoReel.


From small businesses to large retail shopping malls, from schools to hospitals and from parking structures to government buildings, the EVoReel electric vehicle charging station benefits your organization:

â–ª Improved corporate image
â–ª Green
â–ª Forward-thinking
â–ª Customer focused
â–ª Attract new customers
â–ª Aesthetically pleasing design  engineered for quality and customer convenience


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    Durable. Efficient. Safe. Secure. Easy to use. All EVoReel products by EVoCharge incorporates the features electric vehicle owners want and commercial property owners and managers value most.


    Choosing a charging station with desirable features is good business. The retractable reel means a more appealing charge station with no dirty or messy cords exposed when stored. Mounting options, as well as NEMA 3R rated designs allowing both indoor and outdoor installation, make the EVoReel attractive in any setting.

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