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EVoCharge, Inc., a U.S. company based in Los Angeles, California, is comprised of Electric Vehicle and Automotive Industry enthusiasts who are committed to providing the best products and services to our Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure customers.  Founded, Managed and Operated by a team of Automotive Industry Engineers & Executives, EVoCharge is a Technology Company focused on delivering innovative, industry-leading, and best value EVoReel Electric Vehicle Charge Cable Management Solutions and mass-market Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) products.  

Founded in the United States (2009), EVoCharge is one of North America’s original EV charging infrastructure providers and is an experienced multinational innovator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and industry-leading EVoReel cable management solutions & products.  EVoCharge's Retractable Reel EV Charge Cable Management Solution products are marketed under the brand name “EVoReel®”.  The industry-leading EVoReel cable management solution simplifies and improves the users overall electric vehicle charging experience.  All EVoReel products are proudly made in the USA and the EVoReel and EVoCharge EVSE product line is engineered to support all global markets and market sectors including Residential, Commercial, Public and Vehicle Fleet EV charging infrastructure.


After cost, compatibility, and power output are considered, many do not think about the charging cable itself.  However, EVoReel products advance the experience for both user and charging station owner.  The EVoReel is easy to use because it locks the charge cordset into place without tension, then once charging is complete, the charge cordset reels back easily, removing unsightly cords from off the ground, reducing tripping hazards (liability concern), and helping mitigate common damage that may result from the cordset lying on the ground (O&M concern).  Furthermore, the EVoReel delivers an industry-leading 30-foot charge cable, with up to 60 feet of charge cable span (reach) with the Dual Output (Port) Pedestal Mount – EVoReel EVSE charging station products.


To support large-scale manufacturing and product supply capabilities, and most importantly to support and exceed its Customers’ needs and expectations, EVoCharge has established strategic partnerships with major global manufacturing companies.


EVoCharge remains committed and flexible toward best supporting and adapting to the business model that best suits the needs of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market and the needs of its Customers. To that end, EVoCharge is heavily focused on reducing hardware costs while supporting open collaboration with its industry partners to deliver innovative, industry-leading, and best value hardware, installation services and open network Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure solutions.

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